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Elite Hitting: UCI

Ages 8u - 14u hit at 5:45pm 6:00pm or 6:15pm
Ages 15u -18u hit at 6:30pm 6:45pm 7pm or 7:15pm (High school only)
MVP & Mickey Mantle clients by appointment for 2:1 sessions.

Location: UCI Baseball Batting Facility is at Anteater Ballpark located on the corner of University & Mesa in Irvine.
Elite Hitting: Santa Ana

Ages 8u - 14u hit at 5pm 5:15pm 6:00pm 6:15pm 6:30pm or 7pm

MVP & Mickey Mantle high school age clients by appointment with Joe DeMarco

Address: 1610 East McFadden Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Elite Pitching
Elite Pitching and Elite Athletic Performance are committed to providing the best instruction to improve the pitching motion by complimenting group and individual sessions with our performance classes that are designed to enhance body awareness, dynamic movements and core activation.

Athletes must be enrolled in a monthy EPDP program before being able to schedule private lessons with Coach Reinsel or Coach Knettel unless otherwise specified.

Elite Pitching Development Program memberships can be purchased on the Elite store or by contacting elitebaseballinfo@gmail.com and providing billing info for monthly subscriptions.

Ages 8u-18u
All appointments must be scheduled online by clicking above on "Elite Pitching". All Elite Pitching sessions are group-based with individual programs that are customized for each player. Pitching members will also have the ability to sign up for Elite Athletic Performance classes during the week.

Sessions will be 45-60 minutes in duration. Players will go through a full warmup and recovery during each session.

Bullpens sessions will be recorded using Pitch Cast to track pitches and a compilation of bullpen graphs, notes, and pitch sequences will be distributed upon request when applicable.

Elite Pitching sessions aim to improve physical mechanics, strengthen mental focus, educate on proper arm care, and challenge each player to give maximum effort each time they have the ball. With over 6 years of pitching lessons, Ryan Reinsel continues to provide and strives to teach how to win on and off the field as a player and teammate. Combining training methods used by Driveline Baseball, Jaeger Sports, The Texas Baseball Ranch, etc. Ryan continues to learn new ways to help youth pitchers succeed on the bump. Players will learn about grips, stretches, mechanics, pitches, arm care and more through 1:1 instruction using video to slow down the most explosive motion in sports. Through these lessons pitchers will also learn about perseverance, attitude, integrity, humility, and how crucial the mental side of pitching is to becoming an elite pitcher. Players will not learn about curve balls until they are in high school and can shave (see Dr. James Andrews on this). Lastly, the goal of each session is to work hard, get better, and HAVE FUN.

Players will be exposed to state of the art facilities at UC Irvine and Santa Ana, as well as local Irvine fields. We will only take on players who are serious about developing their pitching skills and who are willing to learn the skills and traits necessary to compete at the next level.

Client Service Agreement Term:
The term of this Agreement shall be on a month to month basis until the client chooses to cancel or pause their membership.

Cancellation & Pause Policy:
If a player is injured, we allow the the client to pause their membership until they are able to attend sessions.

Make up Policy:
If a client misses a session, feel free to make it up at another time during the week or the week following. We want players to attend their sessions to develop their skills and relationships with our staff. We ask, please do not make a habit of signing up and then missing class, it takes away a spot for another student that can attend that session. Failure to cancel pitching sessions without a 12 hour notice will result in the session being counted.

Parent Expectations:
We expect parents to not interfere with our training sessions. Trying to communicate with players during their workout is unacceptable. You are paying us for a service, please allow our staff to do their job. Parents will be required to stay out of the cage area and the line of sight. If a parent starts to hover or creep to close they will be kindly asked to leave the cage area.

Monthly memberships and lesson packages are non-refundable.
Elite Athletic Performance
Elite Athletic Performance, the newest branch of Elite Baseball, is a training program for athletes looking to make a commitment to improving on field performance and long term health.Partnered with Elite Pitching, Elite Athletic Performance offers its members the opportunity to make improvements to their game. In EAP, athletes will experience a competitive and energetic atmosphere designed to maximize athletic ability. Our approach to training is a complete focus of body awareness with dynamic movements and core activation.

Prior to the start of training, each athlete will be assessed to determine areas of strength and areas for improvement. With a background in athletic performance, EAP's lead trainer Zak Knettel graduated from the University of Akron with a B.S. in Athletic Training while pitching for the Universities Division I baseball program.

This partnership with Elite Pitching is designed to compliment each other by allowing athletes the opportunity to not only improve pitching motion and proper arm care, but now be challenged with over all body care and athletic ability to become more dominant on the field.
Elite Bullpen
Duration: 20-25 minutes
1. Purchase a 8-Pack, 4-Pack or Single Session package from the store. For current members choose either option or select Add-On Single Session for a discounted rate. Customers choosing the Add-On option that are not current members will be refunded or can purchase a monthly membership to lock in the discounted bullpen rate.
2. Go to the "Schedule Now" button on the side of the store page. Click "Elite: Bullpen" and select a time that fits your schedule. The time you schedule is when the bullpen begins, but should not be the same time that you arrive.
3. ***IMPORTANT*** - Bullpen sessions are 20-25 minutes maximum with one of our instructors evaluating and monitoring the technology. The time that is selected on the scheduling software is when your bullpen begins. You are welcome to arrive early to warmup and get loose before your bullpen session starts. We have the latest equipment to help the body and arm get ready to throw and will offer it to any player that wants to get ready.
4. Players that arrive at their scheduled bullpen time without any throwing warmup will be limited to a 10 pitch bullpen due to our staff wanting to protect our client's arms and follow basic safety measures. No exceptions.
5. All pitchers are welcome to use our equipment for warmup and recovery during their bullpen sessions and need to stay clear of any lessons taking place within the facility.
6. Pitchers are welcome to bring in a pitching program and bullpen sequence to follow. If you do not have a bullpen sequence, we offer 10 pitch to 50 pitch bullpen sequences with different pitch options.
7. If you purchase a, 8-Pack or 4-Pack option you may schedule two sessions back to back for a longer bullpen.
8. The 8-Pack option must be completed within three months of purchase with the start date beginning on date of purchase. The 4-Pack option must be completed within two months of purchase with the start date beginning on date of purchase.

Elite Private Sessions
Elite Private Sessions included monthly private hitting and pitching training under the Cy Young Package, 10-Packs, and all other packages specific to individual instruction. Due to recent overbooking and staff changes this will be the only way to see what times are available for private training.

All appointments will be booked via this system. Text messages and emails to book times outside of the allotted time slots are prohibited. If there is any questions or an emergency or cancellation same day - please email elitebaseballinfo@gmail.com. Cancellations same day will result in a paid session. Please give us 24 hour notice to cancel so you do not get billed for that session.

Thank you for your cooperation as we implement this system. See you in the cages!
Elite Catching
All classes are at our Santa Ana location only.

Elite Catching is our newest program with the main goal being to provide the ability to understand the game mentally and physically to develop into a leader behind the plate. Each athlete will obtain the necessary fundamentals and techniques in order to be successful. Elite Catching will run through high intensity drills with an emphasis on slowing the game down and controlling every situation. We will begin with proper stretching techniques designed to help with hip mobility to keep these athletes healthy and injury free throughout the season to perform at the highest of their abilities. These stretches and movements are designed to achieve max flexibility and strength through range of motion. I will provide proper footwork drills to reduce pop time which is essential in climbing the ladder to the next level. Sequential timing allows the body to work with arm motion to help with maximum strength throwing to all bases. Catching requires a different skill set, and can help athletes develop the crucial skills needed for game-time success.

Catcher specific training includes:

- Framing drills to strengthen athletes “stick” in order to catch at the higher levels.

- Footwork techniques in order to properly throw to each base firmly without hesitation

- Blocking drills/pop fly awareness behind the plate

- Mental stability in order to control all aspects of the game from pitch calling/pitcher confidence/leadership

- Stamina specific drills to strengthen core and lower body to navigate through lengthy seasons to keep these athletes healthy and strong to compete at the next level

- Motus and Rapsodo data as needed to check arm stress and spin axis when working on throws

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